01 Nov 2014

Chateau Laville Sauternes – £19.50

01 Nov 2014

Chateau Laville is Jean-Christophe Barbe’s family property. He is also a Professor of Oenology at the University of Bordeaux and his list of famous students would fill this page.

His particular area of expertise is ‘noble rot’ (botrytis cinerea for any ancient Romans reading this). This is a mould which forms on the Semillion, Sauvignon, and Muscadelle grapes during the mild misty nights, and then increases during the warm days so the grape skins become brown and pulpy.

You never taste the skins but the concentrated juice produced in the right hands (and Jean-Christophe’s are definitely the right hands) an intense smooth, very sweet, rich, flower scented, sublime golden liquid. Try with sweet desserts or blue cheese.

Medium-bodied style. Matches classic (but not too sticky sweets) like fruit tarts or crumbles. And cheese of course.

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