01 Nov 2014

Devaux – 20cl/75cl – £11.95/£32.50

01 Nov 2014

The Champagne House of Devaux is synonymous with the history of Champagne. Founded in 1846 by the brothers Jules and AugusteDevaux, it was taken over by Madame Augusta Devaux, one of Champagne’s great characters, who ran the company with great energy and skill.

The leap forward in quality that she initiated led to the company being renamed Maison Veuve (widow) A. Devaux on her death. The Devaux Champagnes are full and expressive, yet elegant and refreshing, in style. Only the initial, lightly pressed juice (the cuvee) is used.

Winemaking and maturing period of the Devaux Collection is three times longer than that required by the appellation’s specifications. 5 years: the age of the youngest of the wines which make up the Collection.

This Champagnes mineral characteristic adds depth to savory, fruity and meaty flavors; and it possess acidity that cuts through rich, fatty dishes and ingredients such as tomatoes or vinegars.

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